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Motor City Striders

Club Awards

Club Champion Awards

Awards are presented to the man and woman winner of each ten year age group and the overall champions taken from this group.  Consideration will be given to all of the races in which a club member competes.  Please keep the club posted every couple of months with a list of your performances

Officials’ Awards

At the hear of the Motor City Striders is the team of volunteers who give unselfishly to ensure that the races will be run.  Arriving early and leaving late, it is their help and support that makes the program possible.  Become a frequent volunteer, and you will be recognized at the end of the year.  For more volunteer information, see the volunteer page.

The Ted Antieau Award

The Ted Antieau award is the highest honor than any Strider volunteer can received and is given annually to the helper who best exemplifies the dedication that was displayed for so many years by Ted, a longtime and beloved race official who passed away in 1992.